Build your wealth

Real Estate

Build your family wealth.  Some people call it a little nest egg, some people call it investing either way the goal is the same to build wealth.  Of course there are several financial options available, some carrying more risk than others.  One part of building your wealth should be to own real estate. You should free yourself immediately from your landlord and start paying your mortgage and not his.  If you already own your primary residence, maybe a rental would be a good move.  Using real estate to build your family wealth is a smart move.

Over the next five years, home prices are excepted to rise or appreciate by 3.24% per year on average and to grown by 21.4% cumulatively, according to Pulsenomics' most recent Home Price Expectation Survey. Below is an illustration provided by Keeping Current Matters that breaks down the anticipated growth in home equity wealth utilizing Pulsenomics's data.  This example is based on a couple who purchase a home for 250,000, showing that real estate can build your wealth. Over a five year period, a total of 43,000 in equity wealth has been gained.