Prep Tips for Sellers

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Real Estate

Preparation tips for sellers.  When you have decided that now is the time to act, be prepared.   One of the most important decisions is the hiring of your real estate agent. Here are some reasons why:

You want someone with experience in the selling process and with negotiation.  This is not the time for sellers to go it alone.
You want your home sold for the most money.  You could find yourself in a multiple offer situation.
You want your home sold fast. A realtor can advertise your home on multiple platforms not just on the MLS.
Make sure that you utilize the tips that your agent will share with you.  Your agent has seen what has yielded results lately.  There is no reason to research, worry or go in the wrong direction.

Below is an illustration that was provided by Keeping Current Matters.  It is a great little visual that breaks down some great tips for sellers.  Some of these tips may seem expected, while some tips seem new or unexpected.